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Tug Nuts Glug 110ml

Tug Nuts Glug 110ml - Master Baiters

Tug Nuts Glug 110ml

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Loads of tiger nuts crammed into this, then sweet almond for that aromatic effect.

Contains real tiger nut extract.


a natural brown 
*Colours may vary from product pictures

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Our glugs are extremely concentrated and designed to be slow release. Dissipating aromas and flavours to really spark feeding frenzy. Further to this, our glugs contain a mixture of talin, betaine (HCL), sea salt and scopex Among other secret ingredients. All great in their own way of promoting feeding.
Master Baiters glugs can be used in a wide variety of ways. However you like! They can be used on boilies, pellet, pop-ups, spod mixes, ground baits, tiger nuts, hook bait. It's pva safe and it's a really great soak!
We recommend soaking for a mimimum of 24 hours to improve the slow release effect. No harm in soaking for much, much longer though.
A single bottle will go a long way but there is literally no limit on how much you use!
Although you may be tempted, these are strictly
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